Perspective Newsletter

doctor taking notes

Volume 1

Northern Arizona Radiology has enhanced its radiology and vascular care capabilities with the acquisition of a new, high-tech ultrasound system from GE Healthcare. Among the most impressive features of the LOGIQ E9 system is volume Navigation Needle Tracking.

Volume Navigation gives our radiologists the ability to combine information from previous CT, PET or MRI studies with new ultrasound images, enabling improved ultrasonography diagnosis and therapy guidance. Combined with GPS-like tracking technology that senses the motion of the physician’s hand, the radiologist is able to track and mark a patient’s anatomy during ultrasound exams.

Along with 3D/4D capabilities, the LOGIQ E9 incorporates Scan Assistant technology. This advanced software package allows a clinician to pre-program the most frequent keyboard strokes, and then lets the system do the detailed manipulations as the patient is scanned reducing exam times by up to 50 percent without negatively impacting our personalized patient care.

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